After a bit of a delay I think we're ready to Code some more 7!

Now that The Last of Us hipe has died down a bit, this evening we'll be picking up where we left off in our Code 7 hacking adventure at our usual time!

Now that @dragon1424's internet doesn't suck, in a little over 7 hours we're finally! Making a return to the @GoodwolfStudio world of Code 7!

ICYMI, @dragon1424 finally upgraded his internet and we're giving it a short, grand theft auto powered test!

The Stream will be slightly delayed pending @dragon1424's return. We don't know for how long but just watch this space to know when it's live!

I totally forgot to post on social medias yesterday... Ooops. Anyway, we're going live later today for some space wave racing!

Join us for Part 2 as we finish up our masterpiece in the @ebonskystudios Sable public alpha!

Now live with creating a game in @ebonskystudios sable public alpha!

Tomorrow at 8 PM (see YouTube for your local time) we're going to, predictably, make another audio game making stream because the last one was kinda fun. This time we'll be using the Alpha of Sable to make a game about Doggo, with your help!

Hijacking the YouTube for some random gaming.

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