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I finally decided to move here, so I figure it might be worth a new intro since I have more room here. Hi, I'm Piotr. I'm a bit of a geek, so most of what I'll be posting will be tech related, very often with an emphasis on blind accessibility since I can't see myself. I'm also a huge gamer, so game accessibility is of particular interest. I often stream games with @talon as @pg13lp. I also love anything audio production related, especially sound design. I've done audio for a bunch of games, IE most of @talon's, but I also created a lot of notification and UI sounds under CC attribution with a few friends on If you need custom audio for an app or game feel free to hit me up! Other than that I really love anything SCI-Fi, LitRPG, retro tech, and more things I didn't think of when writing this lol.

pun: I'll stop using consoles and shells the day I die 

I guess I have a terminal condition.


Never realised you could get so funky on a real MELLOTRON. Damn!

Messing about in Studio Two this evening...


Have you been suffering that unusually stupid bug with VoiceOver on Mac, where you mute it and in doing so, can't unmute it? Well the fix is not to have your voice set to 'automatically switch based on language.'
When you do that, unmuting breaks. If you pick an actual voice, muting/unmuting works perfectly.
Tested on my two Mac's, and also one of my student's machines so far with no problems.

Finally Narrator is getting some well deserved love in this one mainly in the web browsing department.
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Hey Folks! We have a fresh build for in the Dev Channel. Check out Build 22509 and all the details here:

This looks like useful Product Warning material that should be prominently displayed in the Licence Agreements of all cloud services.

Especially if you don't live in the USA.

I would totally get a Switch too if they had. They haven't. So I would basically either be using OCR on a computer, or holding my phone over the screen like a total idiot. No thanks.

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Nintendo is the only one that didn't yet add a screen reader to their game console. Sad.

To my #blind followers using #iOS, among possibly other operating systems: Which accessible client do you use the most often? With @tootapp, @metabolist MetaText, and @mercury there are three very accessible offerings. I haven‘t tried the original Mastodon iOS client, but heard not so favorable comments about its VoiceOver support. So, what‘s your client of choice? Feel free to vote in the poll, or leave a reply with the client you‘re using. Just for my personal curiosity.

I'm reading the new terms of conditions of Youtube that will hold starting in january

I understand that usng tools like youtube-dl will be enough of a reason to delete your account

Updating this thread, I mentioned the CAWS audio I posted before could only be considered preliminary, because I hadn't fully figured out the encoding it uses, so the quality was not as good as it should be.

I ended up tracing out some of the power supply circuit so I could power up the unit and get good quality recordings directly from the output. These are "assembled" the way they should be (instead of individual words in random order) and of course are decoded properly.

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For those with M1 Macs, the developer of Dystopia has flipped the switch for the app to be available in Mac Testflight and man what a joy it is to use if you like Reddit.

Or as long as said API works at least
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Give a blind man an accessible service and he will be satisfied for a day. Give him an API and he will be satisfied for life

To clarify that a bit, previously if you used the AirPods as a microphone, all audio would be mono, even with the recent codec upgrades, but now it's in Stereo. The microphone audio is still in mono

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Wow. It looks like Apple is still optimising the new airpods codec. I just switched to it in TeamTalk on the Mac (12.1 Public beta), and using it both for input and output I’m now getting stereo audio out of it. If it was amazing before it just got even more so now.

QT A11Y rant 

I just filed some issues against a QT app and it made me realize something very sad. On Windows, QT feels off with a screen reader. Technically usable but there are some glitches. On Mac, for at least 5 or 6 years half the most basic widgets like combo boxes, tables and tree views are various kinds of broken. Then you have Juce, which was notorious for being inaccessible. Then it got new developers and a few months later all the standard widgets work much better than QT's. Why is it that a smaller company can make so much progress in such a short time with only 1 or 2 people doing the accessibility changes, while a much larger company makes no improvements in years?

Wait what? Rofl!
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Unison Audio require users to post a five star rating on TrustPilot in order to get a refund.

Straight up now tell me
Do you really wanna love me forever
Or am I caught in a hit and run?


That's what sticks in my craw here. Not the policy part, not the (naive, flawed) implementation. Somebody asked the Chromium team to restrict students access to devtools and source code, and there wasn't even a discussion.

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