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LibreOffice accessibility 

@weirdwriter @libreoffice Yeah, filing accessibility issues pretty much would be a full time job. People don't realize how much energy it sucks out of you, especially if the devs are like haha go find some other thing haha

It’s surprising just how quickly you get used to having a quiet, passively cooled laptop. I used to not notice the humming of my desktop but now every time I turn it on it feels like I fired up a microwave in my room.

Some really excellent questions being asked of in the @MosenAtLarge interview, raising very valid points and providing actual examples of where the service falls short.

God damn it looks like Apple’s prepping to kill off the 2nd generation of the AirPods in favor of a third, with a design closer to the AirPod pro’s with ear tips. This really sucks. I still can’t get used to wearing buds and love the EarPod design.

Oh God it's like the most generic sounding 80s synthpop weeknd ripoff. This will get lost in the crowd. Wish we went for the performer from last year.
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Fasten your seatbelts! 🚗 RAFAŁ will sing for Poland 🇵🇱 at with 'The Ride'!


While scrolling through my mastodon one thought that's really started to persist in my mind is that clients should probably expand all CW'd toots in a thread if you reveal any of them, same goes if you click into a conversation. I follow some people that post multiple toots about a topic behind a CW. The experience of reading these with a screen reader right now is a little time consuming, because after you focus such a toot, hear it has the same CW, you press to expand it, and then you get that person's nick name all over again as the screen text changes (with the exception of one client on iOS which immediately reads the text of an expanded toot). Doing this many times in succession, especially when following an active conversation gets old kinda fast. I should probably go file these as suggestions in the clients I'm using. But I'm also curious if fellow blind mastodon users feel similarly or would find such behavior annoying?

For the love of #search, please give unique names to your projects... not common words or names.
I'm having a hard time finding useful results for things like #Gemini or #Nikola (the #StaticSiteGenerator) without wading through unrelated muck.

Wow that's some garbage. I'm really happy I'm mainly an apple guy right now.
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The new Google Pay repeats all the same mistakes of Google Allo

@devinprater @erion I should probably also add I was trying the Intel Metal 1.9.0 build so I'd be very curious if this is also broken on an actual intel Mac. There are Arm64 nightlies but they contain just a tiny 4mb app that's not launching.

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Can anyone get the Retroarch accessibility to turn on in the latest stable version? Someone brought this up on a mailing list on an M1 Mac. both the switch or cfg parameter don't work on my M1 also. CC @devinprater @erion

Hey there, and community of the Fedi!
Are any of you up for a little challenge? If so, you could join the , and make it an even bigger success than it was last year!
Yeah, no video. Well, you could have it. But the point of this is to
1. remind developers that yes,, gamers exist, yes, we would love to have more games to play, and no, it isn't so hard to make them and
2. to give us more of said games, because hell, there really isn't enough of them.
If this sounds scary, don't worry, there's plenty of people willing to help you. There's a Discord server linked in the jam's description, with plenty of skilled developers, sound designers and beta testers. And if you aren't into Discord, you could try
And finally, the link!

You may have heard of #accessibe, an overlay that claims to make the web more accessible to screen reader users. I won't go into the details of what kind of scam this is, but be assured that you don't want this thing to interfere with your web experience if you're a screen reader user. Some good soul has now put up a page with instructions for various browsers and operating systems on how to block Accessibe from interfering woth your web experience. Go here: #noxp

Something interesting I just found by accident: I just paired my Mac with a braille display, and I was using an iOS app. Right now, iOS and catalyst apps feel noticeably slower with VO, but I noticed that the text in braille was changing immediately in time with the wrap forward sound effect, and speech was taking a moment to start. This got me thinking, what would happen if I turned the sounds off? Well as it turns out that made a rather noticeable improvement in speech responsiveness in iOS and Catalyst apps, more so with some than others, but for the most part speed wise they feel pretty much as fast as a native Mac app with the sounds muted.

If you're interested in audio game development, game accessibility in general or adding accessibility to your game, I've created a Discord server a while ago for people to ask questions and discuss these topics. If you're curious, you can join here:

Accessibility question for users of assistive technologies 

The WAI-ARIA guidelines for modal dialogs say that, when you press Tab to change focus, focus should cycle back to the beginning of the dialog after you reach the end.

However, with upcoming browser APIs like <dialog> and "inert", focus instead returns to the browser chrome itself (the URL bar, etc.). Is this a problem for you? Would you find it surprising?

More details:

#accessibility #a11y

This is one area where PWAs still beat the pants off of native apps: the download size. Pinafore is 0.5MB for the whole app. Really! You go to, and it downloads the whole damn thing in the background.

For comparison:

- Tusky: 7.4M
- Yuito: 17.5M
- Subway Tooter: 18M
- Fedilab: 27M

- Amaroq: 17.8M
- Mast: 19.3M
- Toot! 21.2M
- Tootle: 23.8M
- Mercury: 46.7M

(Found on and the App Store on an iPhone.)

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Sennheiser’s looking to sell their consumer divisions and focus entirely on the pro market… Let’s hope that doesn’t cause the quality to tank.

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