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One last thing, between all the people wondering about accessibility, or a lack of AD or any announcements, I might have briefly seen that early 11 build, and on the surface looking through narrator, its settings and hotkeys, I didn't see anything new jump out. Of course, this is a very early pre-release build though and many other apps (IE mail) weren't changed from their Win 10 versions. Still, I have to admit a lack of audio description on the stream was very surprising, especially seeing how all the xbox events which are arguably less important to blind folks were fully described, and what Apple pulled out in this aspect for WWDC.
Either way, I'm really hoping we're going to see continuing improvements on the Narrator front. I love some of the things it does compared to the competition so I'd love for it to become even more viable as a primary SR.

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Oh and we can't forget the whole needing an MS account and internet for home thing but that's a separate set of things people might not care much for.

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Getting mixed signals about the system requirements for Windows 11, on one hand tech sites are saying they're not much higher, on the other it looks like it now requires both UEFI and TPM 2.0? Definitely looking forward to needing sighted help in turning legacy boot off on my desktop (for my non-blind followers you can't get speech in BIOS/UEFI setup screens), and even then I'm not sure if it can do the TPM thing. THat does seem like a more significant jump then it might initially seem.

You already met one of my cats in a previous , now it’s time to introduce you to our golden retriever, who despite sounding truly terrifying is actually very cuddly. Here’s a binaural recording when he was a bit younger and more energetic.

@fdroidorg Note, when you use the Unicode math characters to create "italic" text, it will not be readable to screen readers, as they do not know it's regular text. Your "italic" portion in the post above is read by VoiceOver as "dot h h h".

I've written a blog post about this with some info:

bitch if your ad loaded app first thing after opening shows a popup asking if I like it, what do you think I will say

Today in , after days of heat we got rain which keeps starting and stopping. Here’s a brief clip where it eased up, featuring wet roads, birds, and a few minutes in, distant church bells.

In a previous I showed you what the typical outside and inside of a local train here looks like. But sometimes, you can end up riding something much more noisy. This one also ended up being a little too large for embedding.

that all those scammy gameshows where you had to call in and solve a puzzle, except 90% of the time you couldn't get in, were all made in 1 building for 40+ countries. Regardless if you have or haven't heard of these this is worth a watch:

CSS Style For Identifying Undescribed Media 

Recently, several users expressed a desire for a way to quickly check if the images in the toot they were about to boost were described. It would be nice if Mastodon itself offered warnings for that, as well as for forgetting to describe media in your own posts, but until then, this is actually one problem admins can fix on our own!
All you need to do is go into the site settings and add a bit of CSS code that will display a red border around any undescribed media. There are two examples available, depending on how subtle or noticeable you want the border to be; experiment and see what you like!
Thanks to @IngaLovinde for thinking of the starting code and @FiXato for improving on it! They did all the work here; I am just sharing this along.
Open this post in a new tab and look at the image to see how this can look like. The example image is my avatar, described in another pinned post.

let's play Cycle Path, a game in which you're on a bike and need to avoid other cars, collect cash and jump ramps, all without seeing the screen! Game by @talon with sound design by yours truly.

'The Father Of The Web Is Selling The Source Code As An NFT' is the perfect sentence, sums up the last 30 years of tech crap

In today’s here’s a recording of a local train arriving to and departing a station, with a rather loud door opening signal. Also listen out for the quiet squeaks and hissing as the driver presses and releases the brake.

Today in , here's another cool plugin. This time it's Ice Drive which simulates a car engine and lets you drive it with midi or a gamepad. I loaded a burp as the cylinder sound, which made for a rather convincing scooter!

With Windows 11 around the corner and reportedly some build being leaked, I wonder if we're going to see any Narrator changes. It feels like it received basically no updates for the last 2 years when before every insider build had something. Really hoping they saved those for 11 and not that they just gave up.

I had no idea what to do for today's so I just looked through my projects to see if anything jumped out and... Here's a scary hawk thing I made for a friend's horror project. Very loud!

full offense: moving back to in person things should not cause virtual attendance options to disappear

For today’s , here’s a soundscape I generated with many instances of the “Turbine” plugin by boom library which simulates jet engines, which had their position and thrust randomized making this beautiful wall of noise.

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