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just stop making discord communities, for fuck sake

if there already is some community there you have/are in, alright, stay there

but if you are going to make a new one, just don't make there

make a discourse forum, make a matrix space, make <some activitypub community software>

even a fucking skype group is probably less shit than discord

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finally did sona redesign

quirks and features: they have four eyes, each pair has a different colour-blindness; the leaves on htier body pick up radio waves

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Something cute to change the subject and advance my timeline a little.

A commission I did earlier this year for Keys, using my ipad and Procreate.

(...ok, maybe it's better than "something cute")

#commission #art #furry #leviathan #scalie #procreate

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This one makes me laugh every year… because it is so very true.

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Okay, I absolutely love this:

Through the Fire and Flames - Tavern version

#Bardcore #NowListening

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:dragnconfused: Using a natural language model to generate code by describing it in plain English

:dragn_owo: Using a natural language model to make compiler/interpreter messages sillier and less useful

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I guess the new unixporn trend is hyprland + catppuccin and eww

kink-ish adjacent 

I'm not complaining but

why are there so many vore and inflation themed monsters in monster hunter

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"Techbros dont talk about ChatGPT for one second" -challenge [IMPOSSIBLE]

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The trouble with finishing this project is that now I need to use it. For a week. Hopefully.

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New blog post: Did you know there were typewriters that used ball point pens to draw not just text but also graphics? I’ve collected several of these over the years. #PenPlotter #RetroComputing #VintageComputing #CreativeCoding #MastoArt #GenerativeArt

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job search, please boost! 

Hey, friends! I'm still very much looking for a position, sooner would be better than later.

I'm in the twin cities area and can commute if needed, contract or temp work is fine, prefer remote if possible. I've got a comp sci degree and work experience as a software test engineer, but I also self-host a lot. My most recent programming experience would be with #python and #nodejs, but I can absolutely work with and have worked with other languages!

If you want an example of something I've worked on you can check out the source for my site ( and if you need a resume or any other info please shoot me a DM!

I really appreciate all the help so far and I'm going to be looking on my own end as well in the meantime, thank you so much for your continued support, y'all. :aliceblobcry: 🖤

I know your ip address get haxxored

good news, my bank account is not blocked or something, just their app servers having issues

would be better if I didn't have to wait 20 minutes at a line to be told this

the awkward thing of celebrating the american/european christmas imagery when you are in a tropical place in the south hemisphere

its generally around 25 C, why pretend to wear scarfs and sweaters and shit and put up fake pine trees

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hey, trying to do some stream on my owncast instance. probably just going to play some ballistic ng

not talking for now tho


(yes, I still have to buy a domain and get a certificate)

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