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self advertising for support 

I'm poor from a country with a shit economy and all, still no hope of a stable job any time soon

I don't like doing this type of post, but it doesn't cost trying

some wallpaper things

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my from time to time call of

anyone some day wants to play any games with me!?

the last time I remember having a friend to play games with was in 2015


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finally did sona redesign

quirks and features: they have four eyes, each pair has a different colour-blindness; the leaves on htier body pick up radio waves

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MongoDB sounds stupid, MangoDB on the other hand...

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every day i hope my friends go "hey discord sucks lets switch to something better" and i have everything already set up so they just gotta join in

but thats a dream, not reality

some days I feel like saying fuck it and buying a new one already, even if it means using up all I have in my savings

1. it has a hdd

2. for all intents and purposes it doesn't have a graphics card anymore so the integrated graphics has to handle everything

3. it has some issue with the battery connector, which thinks the battery is constantly being connected and disconnected, which in turn makes the battery manager program constantly active, which makes so there's a constant cpu usage

3.1 no, replacing the battery didn't work, its an issue with the connector

3.2 no, removing the battery is not an option, as it makes so the laptop shuts down with any high load

and of fucking course I have to wait another 5 minutes to be able to use it again

(2 for it to boot up, 3 for firefox to load)

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some days is alright to live with it, some other days are extremely annoying and really make me want to get a new computer asap

"it's not good to shut down the computer pressing the power button"

well it has been completely frozen for over 3 minutes, I don't think I have many options...

I fucking hate my computer and how a single program freezing up is actually enough to make the whole thing freeze...

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I want to be in a cosy small town in the woods where paranormal shit happens

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my from time to time call to give some love to odin-lang

something something, wish swift had more use outside mac/ios, it seems like a really neat language

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