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Hello there!

I am SnowChess and I am new here.

I am interested in astronomy, I am a chess player and I am a Wikipedia contributor.

I have never used a platform like this before (not even Facebook or Twitter), but I think it will be successful 😀

I know Mastodon and the Dragon's Cave because of a friend of mine (Thank you, @storydragon :dragon_happy: )

Feel free to follow me and feel free to ask me questions!

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insects, Minecraft 

Today while reading an article about ladybugs, I learned that an elytra (which one uses to fly in Minecraft) is a thing in real life! It is the hard wing on the outside of a beetle. Cool!

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🍬 Lyra has been busy all day designing rules for a #chess variant where all the pieces are equines. It’s been relaxing watching her focus. 🍬

Last afternoon I went for a walk.
After a while, I walked along a path of shells.
Then I realized: "wow, I am actually walking on dead animals."

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Reminder: Please keep accessibility in mind when designing your software! Consider more than how your UI design looks!

As an amateur browser dev I do what I can to ensure every (compatible) webpage is accessible, but there's only so much I can do. E.g. if you don't <label> your webforms, if you don't add alt-text there's not much I can do to correct your poor design.

But I can prevent autoplay video, enforce minimum contrast, make all animations pausible, support userstyles, etc!


Did you know that Papua New Guinea is bigger than Sweden?

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A furious, agitated dragon was flying towards our city.

"Alarm! A monster!"

Police officers gathered to try to shoot the dragon.

I did not want the officers to kill the dragon, so I walked out of the city, towards the dragon.

I gazed up to them, meeting their eyes.

"Mighty dragon, do you have sometimes on your mind? Can I help you maybe?"

Turned out the dragon was just having a hard time and needed someone to talk with. They did not mean anyone harm...

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autism, suicidal thoughts 

My therapist mentioned today that it's a known fact that autistic people can get suicidal thoughts when they get too overwhelmed (overprikkeld). This would have been helpful to know last august when I went into suicidal mode and was super surprised about that. I really didn't understand why my mental hard crashed this heavy this fast.

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Madainn mhath dhuibh uile / Good morning all

This mor ning is wet and windy, so here's yesterday's sunrise instead 😁

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I'm reading a book about miracles, but all the miracles are like:

'A tornado took down our house but since we were hiding in the bathroom, no one died. Praise God'

'My husband had a heart attack but the hospital was able to do surgery and he survived. Thank God.'

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one of the infinitely many and underappreciated nice things about not having a car is i don't listen to The Radio very much, just when it's on in public places.
fewer garbage ads polluting my brain!

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Happy #Caturday!
Now I managed to sketch or doodle something 5 days in a row!

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linguist question; movie Arrival 

So I watched Arrival the other day and I just thought it's weird to portray linguists as if they speak all the languages, or am I wrong?

Do you linguists speak all the languages? 😅

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linguist question; movie Arrival 

@pilou I wish! :P

I've heard people say asking a linguist which languages they speak is like asking a biologist which pets they have (or alternatively: like asking a doctor which diseases they have.)

Happy New Year!!

(This is message to everyone who follows the Julian calendar.)

Strange Dutch words:
A Dutch word is 'zeehond'. 'zee' means 'sea' and 'hond' means dog, but in English, a 'zeehond' is a 'seal' :ms_mind_blown:

More examples!
-Baksteen (brick): bak=bake & steen=stone
-IJsberg (iceberg): ijs=ice & berg=mountain
-Paddenstoel (mushroom): padden=toads & stoel=chair
-Huiswerk (homework): huis=house & werk=work
-Engeland (England): eng=scary & land=country/land

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The pawns move forward to the next diamond shaped square in front. They only can move left-forward or right-forward (to the adjacent squares) by capturing a piece of the opponent.
The pawns can't move 2 fields at the beginning, therefore "en passant" doesn't exist either.
There is no castling.
All other pieces move like usual.
The pawns can be promoted into any other piece after they reach the other side of the board.

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Image Description: A chessboard oriented at 45° with the pieces arranged in a diamond formations versus one another instead of the usual linear arrangement.

(I do not know chess notation but will briefly describe)
The monarchs/kings are, predictably, at the far corners of the board. Their respective consorts/queens are placed in front of them. To either flank, a rook. In the "shell" outside of this are placed alternating knights and bishops, plus a pawn at the "apex" of this diamond-layer. The outmost layer is all pawns.

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