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Information for people who want to follow me 

Feel free to send me a follow request, but please send me a DM first wherein you tell a little bit on who you are. (Or you can reply to this toot, if you want). This way I can know what kind of being I am accepting (or not) as follower.

Thanks in advance.

If you do not send me anything before you send me a follow request, it is likely that I will reject your request.

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Right now my favourite poets are:
Edgar Allan Poe
Lewis Carroll

Joh and I spent the afternoon at our favourite local park. As a rare treat, we were allowed into the walled garden for free!

I took SO MANY PHOTOS but here are some of my favourites.

Good morning

happy new month. I hope you can enjoy it.

Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you someone to cheer you on ✨

Saturday, 1 October, 2022 

Happy October for everyone and a happy weekend! There are many theme days today :dragon_sarc:

National holidays: Botswana, China, Cyprus, Nigeria, Palau, San Marino, Tuvalu & Uzbekistan
Theme days: International Coffee Day, International Day of Older Persons, International Music Day, World Vegetarian Day & World Sake Day

Birth days: Jimmy Carter en Theresa May

Dutch; Trains 

"Goedenavond, u bevindt zich in de sprinter naar Leiden Centraal. Vanwege de afwezigheid van onze machinist kunnen wij nog helaas niet vertrekken."

Good morning

I just hope you're feeling good.

Have you still your (!) plush toys / cuddly toys / stuffed toys at home? Older or newer does not matter. (Please only answer if you're 18) [boosts welcome!] {Greetings to @plush_bot }

Friday, 30 September, 2022 

National holidays: Botswana, Micronesia, Palau & Sao TomΓ© and Principe
Theme days: International Translation Day

Birth days: Max Verstappen

Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you something to be grateful for ✨

Good morning

I wish you can enjoy your own sillyness.

Good morning!
It is Thursday!
(timezones apply)

Good morning

I wish you have a good reason to smile.

For school I have to write a bookreport.
I want to link to the quotes I posted on Bookwyrm, but I cannot find a way to show all quotes for someone who is not logged in.
So, is it not possible?
Or is there a way to be able to link to all quotes, without having to link to them all one by one.
I really want to know.

Pls boost for visibility

Are you optimistic about the future of your country?

If you're posting a public post on the Fediverse, it will be visible to anyone, even people who aren't on the Fediverse. Every account has a public profile page, which lists all the public posts made by that account.

If you want to keep your Fedi posts off search engines, the best way to do this is to use a non-public visibility setting such as followers-only or mentioned/direct. Search engines cannot see posts with such visibility settings.

On Mastodon, you can also go to Preferences > Other > Opt Out Of Search Engine Indexing, tick the box then click Save Changes. In theory this setting also stops your public posts from ending up in search engines, but in reality it's up to search engines whether they respect your request.

PixelFed has a similar option in Settings > Privacy.

#Fediverse #Privacy #Mastodon #PixelFed


"Onno schoot in de lag. Hij moest opeens denken, zei hij, aan zijn dominee op catechisatie, veertig jaar geleden in Den Haag. Terwijl die vertelde, dat joodse jongetjes in het verbond met God werden opgenomen door ze een sneetje in hun voorhuid te geven, had hij met zijn wijsvinger een kleine, verticale beweging gemaakt over zijn borstbeen. Hij dacht dat dat de 'voorhuid' was – een dominee! Stel je toch voor in wat voor wereld die hollandse calvinisten leefden!"

-- "De ontdekking van de hemel", page 814



"'En weet hij misschien toevallig ook, hoe nummer acht van die tien geboden luidt?' 'Nee.' 'Gij zult niet stelen.' 'Ik beschouw het niet als stelen.' 'Als wat beschouw jij het dan?' 'Als een inbeslagneming.'"

-- "De ontdekking van de hemel", page 806


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