I have made a computer 'game'!
It is not really a game as in, how you might expect games, but still it is kinda a game...
It is a game where you have to make a story with 16 different words you get!
At least on Linux it should be accessible, I don't know how about Windows though...
It is based on StoryCubes, which is a really nice game!

There are several bands I really like. Kelten Zonder Grenzen is one of them.
They made a tune called 'Andro Ofzo' which is not an andro but something else,though it is also kinda andro. Or something like that. I don't know the details anymore...


The clock maker studied the plans.
"This is... Not right."
"Can you build it?"
"Of course! But I can't promise it will work."
It worked, if you were close. Every hour had 61 minutes, every minute 61 seconds.
"48 minutes per day. What will you do with the extra time?"
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In my new Gemini blogpost I say that I don't realize what season it is. Wel.....
I just cycled to the medical garden I maintain and the weather is just absolutely not as if it is spring. Actually the weather has been like that other days too, so maybe it isn't that strange that it doesn't feel like spring...

I always cycle a route over the small ways of the part of the that is still really polder. I like cycling that way, because there is not much traffic. I like the stretched meadows.

But today there is much wind... ugh. I don't want to cycle back, then I will have to face the wind...
It is not warm, it rains and there is strong wind...

mental stuff 

And then before I know, it is time to sleep...
While I still should and want to do other stuff.
Almost every day again and again...

Yeah, the only one who can change that is me, but it is difficult...

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mental stuff 

Sometimes computers are a curse...
I keep busy with them while I actually want to do other stuff...

Fictional worlds can give us strength and help us navigate the emotions that are too big to face on our own.

Sometimes I remember that Laika died in space. I feel sad.

Then I remember that Sarah Jane Smith buried Laika's body and then I can cry because the story gives me a framework on which I can spread my feelings and let the wind move through them.

Reality is intense and difficult. Fantasy can help us process complex things in different ways until we find one that works for us.

Boosts are welcome BTW!
It has really small ram: 461 MB or something.
Processor is Pentium 4-D

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I got an old laptop to try stuff.
It is an x86 laptop with a very small amount of memory and ram and is very slow.
The hard drive is not really good anymore, and sometimes it doesn't start or something. I haven't tried it yet, but that is what I am told.
I have to put an up-to-date linux distribution on it. What is the best distro?

which should I choose?
Anything else? Tell in comments!

Question about how something works in a license 

Or can I just define myself what people can and can't do with my stuff. But how should I do that? Just saying it in the README?

How does it actually work when I say ©Privacy_Dragon instead of ©Real Name? (I do all programming stuff using the username Privacy_Dragon)

Ugh. I really need help with this..
Anyone who knows answers to this questions, please help!

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Question about how something works in a license 

Can anyone tell me in normal words what all that stuff with 'allowance of patents' or something like that means?
I am now reading one of the many licenses, the OSL license, and it says the following, of which I have no idea what is meant with it or what it does:

`2) Grant of Patent License. Licensor grants You a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sublicensable license, under patent claims owned or controlled by the Licensor that are embodied in the Original Work as furnished by the Licensor, for the duration of the patents, to make, use, sell, offer for sale, have made, and import the Original Work and Derivative Works.`

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It's interesting that just three decades after Pripyat was abandoned because of the Chernobyl disaster, the forest has already reclaimed the city.

Don't let anyone convince you that reforestation is difficult. It'll happen all by itself, if people allow it to.

The witch tipped her cauldron, pouring out her familiar, who snorted indignantly as he plopped onto the floor.

"One of these days you're going to end up covered in ingredients and then I'll have to wash you like a babe."

He narrowed his eyes and scoffed.

"You'd prefer I go ahead and make cat soup?"

He hissed, pawing at the cauldron.

"Alright, If you can bring me ten troll whiskers, I'll get you your own cauldron to sleep in."

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I am just reading about licenses, because maybe it is a good idea to put licenses on my projects on Github...
But well, all open source licenses seem to allow commercial use, but I don't want that someone I don't know starts earning money with something I made without me knowing it...
And actually it seems all licenses I can find are like that...
So, any ideas what I should do? I don't know if it is possible to put something together myself...

"How long can I borrow this book?"
"It will return after four weeks," the librarian said.
"What, by itself?"
"Look at the Ex Libris stamp."
"Is that a magic sigil?"
"It will return to where it should be."
"Do all books return?"
"Not all. We assume they have another place to be."
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Hi all,

I am searching for an easy to use GUI library that is also accessible for screenreaders, so that the final program stays accessible for everyone.

What are good libraries? It can be for any of the following languages:
- C
- C++ (Preferably not, but I can use it if needed)
- D (probably, I don't really use the language but I guess I am able to use it without having to take too much extra time)
- Actually just any C-like language will be doable
- Python (I don't really feel like doing something in Python again. I want to do something in a C-like language again...)
- Nim
- Odin

Thanks in advance!

"Must I return to my own world?"
"You helped save our world," the wizard said, "but you are not of it."
"I've learned your world! I fought, suffered, and triumphed!"
"We are grateful. But your greatest adventure awaits."
"What adventure?"
"Learn your own world, and help save it."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

"Why are you so keen on learning languages anyway?"
"I can remember my past lives."
"Uh. Okay?"
"I've always loved reading."
"I don't follow."
"Every life, I was in the middle of a book when I died."
"I must finish them! Do you know how few books are translated to English?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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