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Information for people who want to follow me 

Feel free to send me a follow request, but please send me a DM first wherein you tell a little bit on who you are. (Or you can reply to this toot, if you want). This way I can know what kind of being I am accepting (or not) as follower.

Thanks in advance.

If you do not send me anything before you send me a follow request, it is likely that I will reject your request.

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Right now my favourite poets are:
Edgar Allan Poe
Lewis Carroll

Hello everyone I hope life is going good for all of you :) I have another amazing science fact today!!!! I love that one of my passions is science. You are all amazing and beautiful please never ever forget that!!! Find your dream and your passions and never let them go!!! :)

Bismuth Atomic number: 83. The cool thing about this element It makes extremely beautiful geometric crystals if you melt it down, then cool it really slowly. The most striking thing about this element though, is that it is diamagnetic. Basically, this means that bismuth is repelled by magnetic fields, and in turn creates a repulsive force, pushing magnetic objects away from it. In practice, this means that if you place a magnetic metal between two pieces of bismuth, it will levitate.

#Fedivision track is submitted. Now I'm in a superposition of "please vote for it, it's great" and "please never listen to it or mention it ever again" states.

Submissions for #Fedivision 2022 are closed! We're now looking forward tolistening to all the 38 entries. They'll be presented in 2 days on the website and via @fedivision - and then you'll be able to cast your votes!

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Tuesday, 17 May, 2022 

National holidays: Democratic Republic Congo, Nauru, Norway & Spain

Theme days: International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia & World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

Foundation days: Minecraft (2009)

If you want to upload files, maybe do not use Tresorit Send, it is slow.
Also do not use Disroot files, it is slow. had a reasonable speed.

zzzood evening everyone!

the poem for today is "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" by Jane Taylor.
Lewis Carroll Parodied it in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in the poem "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat!"

I want to sleep...


I hate my laptop now!
I have to record something again now, but I cannot use my preferred harp, because my parents are downstairs and do not want to be silent again.
My laptop threw away the recordings.

It suddenly shut down just after transferring the audio files from my phone to my laptop and when I was listening to one of them.
Now they are gone...


Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you a step in the right direction ✨

Monday, May 16, 2022 

Religious holidays: Vesak (Buddhism)
National holidays: Indonesia, India, Malawi, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, South Sudan, Sri Lanka & Thailand
Theme days: International Day of Light, International Day of Living Together in Peace
Other: Total lunar eclipse (mostly in South America and the East of the US)

it's my instance's birthday* can i uhh get some boosts

* yesterday, technically

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#TakeUpYourHandle: Positive motivation for today. Sunday, 15 May, 2022. 

Good Tehing/good Morning to all kinds of verses in the multiverse, from Tehiverse. I found the best motivation for me personally, is not all the positive quotebots on twitter, or the motivational speeches given by world famous motivational speakers, or podcasts on staying positive, oh no. The best motivation for me personally, is in nature itself...hearing the birds singing, hear the calls of the farm animals here where I live, thanking my deity/s that I've survived another crimeless night, that no harm did come to me via the bad will of others, andthen yet more, listening to music that provides inspiration to write other music that has twists in turns in cords, designed for systems, since Tehiverse is a system, we are capable of doing/thinking up strange twists and turns into music. Not that others cannot do it, but we find inspiration from the music of our faith, and then we make our own based off of that, and other worldly music that we hear, but the most positive reinforcement in our lives, new music, and nature. So have an absolutely positive Sunday, and whether you believe or don't believe find inspiration for your writing, whether that's musical, or non-musical, from the ideas nature, and other words or music can give you. There is inspiration and positive energy wherever you look, if you search for it, you will find it. Tehiverse is mostly proan to negative thoughts, so we know that whatever you seek, you shall find, if you look for negative/think negative, that is what will come to you, likewise for the positive stuff, whatever you look for, is what you will eventually find, so find inspiration wherever you seek for it, and once again, have a spended, marvelous, exceptionally inspirational Sunday! Teh!

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