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Info for people who want to follow me. 

I just changed my Mastodon settings to manually approve followers.

Anyone can still feel free to follow me, but there is one criterion:
I will ONLY accept followers with a BIO/INTRO!

Tonight's little doodly calligraphy exercise (cw for a macabre limerick dealing with death)

Does anyone know an open-source browser for android that has 'f12 functionality'?

FTP - Fox Transfer Protocol:

1. Carefully pick up fox
2. Hold fox gentle like hamborgar
3. Go to destination
4. Set fox down
5. Pet

Connections to Tutanota are currently slow and intermittent for some users due to a DDoS attack. We are already working on fixing this. We'd like to apologize for any inconvenience.

You can check the status here:

We are also working on offline mode to improve Tutanota.

Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you a cheering thought ✨

"You fought well," the God of War said, "but it's time for judgement."
"If I fought well," the dying warrior said, "can you postpone it?"
"I could lock your soul into your sword."
"Could you lock it into my scabbard?"
"That's... Uh..."
"I'd like to protect something for once.'
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Why do all nice story ideas come at moments that I cannot work on them?
Like, just when I am heading to bed and have hence no time to work on it.
Well, writing down in a few words again...

Good night everyone ! :dragon_blanketsleep:

Ransomware Scams, Please Boost 

Watch out there is a new scam out there trying to get you to install ransomware and pretending to be about open source software. The current ones to look out for are Krita and Inkscape. This video explains more:

These Open Source SCAMMERS are getting out of control! by Gardiner Bryant

In two hours (at 8 pm CEST) I will be streaming some casual Stardew Valley :D
Come join the chat and let's hangout.

Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you a sense of achievement ✨

I wish more people would talk about how captioning and transcription tools are not accessible to screen readers. Blind people want to make our audio and video accessible too. I'm just so tired, y'all. Can't even caption videos! 😠. 😫.

Today, I'm spending my rest day reading in my bean bag under a blanket, while listening to Evanescence. 😅

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It's the time of the year when we all ♥️ hot chocolate. ☕️ And we've got the perfect mugs for you! 😍 Get them here:

Will probably defederate ondergrond from soonish because of its lack of moderation and open sign up policy, and the fact that it's full of spammers, scammers, and bots. Friends from mastodon dot social, please consider migrating your account to a different instance...

There is a mastodon bot that can notify you if you post an image without description right?
What was it again?
I want to point people to it...

Work, losing money  

Remember that company I signed up for for a year for a large amount of money? Yeah, they're just gone bankrupt.

Will look into if I can get any money bag but I doubt it.......

🇬🇧Are you also concerned that the EU wants to ban anonymous/protected domains and mandate identification of domain owners incl. your address and phone number?
✊Here is information on what you can do before the vote:

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I just received a newsletter from Kevin Hearne.
His books are getting reprinted in a new edition next year!
I might then just wait with getting the books untill next year...

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