Brutal Bass Drop 

My god I love harmonizers so, so much. Probably my favorite vocal effect ever. Found this vocal sample in Genesis Pro and asdfjlk it sounds soooo goooood through a harmonizer

Think I'm done with clicky switches. Quiet mechanical keyboards are so much better.

Heyyyy fediverse. You look exceptionally great today! <3

Huh did I offend the data gods by posting that thing I posted earlier? Can't seem to upload more audio. Am sad!

The bass is literally just a distorted sine wave, I didn't put a lot of effort in there but it still sounds nice to me, and the drums are just dubstep drums. Nothing special. I think it works!

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The guitars are actually just saw waves. A little pitch envelope at the start to give it that "strum", a filter envelope that fades out the high frequencies to emulate a guitar, and then some distortion to actually make it sound like a guitar. I think it sounds pretty good!

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What do I do while waiting for things at work?
What, you didn't expect me to try to make metal using only synths and no guitars?
Not even real drums? Synthesized drums? Eeeeep!

Just curious. Do you use a laptop or desktop as your daily driver?

I always wonder what makes us like certain songs? How can I listen to hundreds of different ones and think "Oh yeah, this is good", "Ah that's nice", but then there's that one where you go "Oh my fucking god yes yes yes" and after you analyze it you're like "Huh this is hardly different from the other ones" yet you like it like 200 percent more?

Also if people bash Brave so much, then why is it the browser that doesn't? I have to admit I didn't do thorough research here, but it does indeed appear that way. Am confused.

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I'm just wondering, if Mozilla keeps talking so much about taking your privacy seriously, that you need to stay secure and private on the internet, then why do they have settings that they could use to track you enabled by default? Don't make no sense.

I originally wanted to get a Pinebook, and I still might, but I already have this thing so...why not. And it's the MBA 2017 too. The one with the good keyboard. And SD card reader!

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Finally got so tired of MacOS that I gave up and installed Linux on this MacBook Air. Meow!

Does anyone know what the general base lag is for bluetooth keyboards? I can't feel any at all, but if someone knows more about the spec than I do, I'd be curious to know.

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