Today is a meow kind of day. According to spike. My little kitty.

OH it is getting repopulated so I guess it's fine? Yay!

Hmm. Can I just clear out my media attachments folder in Mastodon for space? Seems like the rake task got removed and I'm running out of space... And I feel like most of it is just a waste. And I mean I can't see images anyway! :P

It's much much faster than I expected. I had the OG one but the battery started expanding and I just couldn't be bothered to replace it. I was kinda expecting performance closer to that, but holy wow it's so much faster.

Either way, I have a GPD Win 2 now and omfg I love it

OK because I'm horrible at socializing and didn't check here for a few days I totally didn't realize my certificate died. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry... Will you forgive? I fixed it! :(

I can actually see the moon outside for once. Beautiful full moon Howl with me

Yes I can be that guy that sneaks out during a particularly boring birthday party to chill stretched out on the couch and scroll through toots.

> working on a customers computer
> notice torrent client on desktop
> open it up to find out what kind of dirty illegal things customer has been downloading
> "Ubuntu 18.04 LiveCD Amd64"
> oh god it's worse than I thought

A month ago you were cursed to have all your daily actions, even the most mundane, narrated by David Attenborough voice and people around you can hear it.
#writingprompts #writing

I'm really not a morning person. Wish the world wouldn't always hate me for it lol

Getting even more and more image formats but what about little audio clips for upload? Ugh. Somehow that really triggers me.

Installed the new drives and it works just fine. Even with that power supply. I'm absolutely flabbergasted

It's just baffling that those were 3 drives. 2 NAS Seagate drives and a Samsung SSD. They all went poof. Nothing else was affected. Argh.

Don't you love waking up and boom 300 euros worth of drives died? I sure don't

Omg I missed being able to actually sit at my desk. I missed the fan noise of the computers. The big ass microphone in my face. All the space. Omg i thought it would never happen. My mechanical keyboard. The chair omg the beanbag

Hopefully I'm done with surgeries for a long time. Preferably forever.

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