Seriously? You can't install things from the M$ Store without a M$ account anymore? That's so unbelievably lame you have no idea. I'm also not in the least bit surprised.

I mean apart from wave, obviously. I wouldn't have a problem with that. But it's huge.

Why can't all browsers just be able to play opus? Why does MP3 have to be that one format that seems to work across all browsers? This makes me sad.

Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people...

Someone tell me why I can't stop reading the way of the shaman series? Please?

I should make an account that is purely for complaining about accessibility.

And there goes Signal with their accessibility. Seriously. Ugh. Just ugh.

Maybe I'm going crazy but I feel like the older I get the slower and more inaccurate my typing becomes. Please help

No HP I do not want Bang & Olufsen Audio. Sure, they can do the speakers, sure they can pop a custom control panel in there if they want, but I want to be able to remove that crap thank you. Equalizers and other effects on the master output of the sound card can cause significant latency. I don't like random equalizers and I also do not like significant latency. pls gtfo thx

I love laptops being small but I also would love for things not to burn to death.

Think my next laptop will not be an ultrabook.

Not sure if YouTube Music is the answer to this though. I also used to use Deezer a while ago and liked it quite a bit. Now I'm not sure what to do. LOL

Looking at YouTube Music. We used to use the Spotify family plan, legitimately, but I'm not all that cool with them just grabbing my location data, especially because a lot of times we use spotify while out on the road which just sounds like lots of conflict that I really want to avoid.

Just testing things. Here, have the sound of an x-ray machine as recorded from my watch earlier this year.

Hi hi are we dead? No? Nothing went poof? Good.

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