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For those that are new, Hi! I'm Talon! I mainly talk about , and - I mean to talk about more but for some reason that never happens.
Webdev during the day, audio game dev and music producer at night. Oh I also make sure sorta kinda mostly runs.

The no video jam 2 is live!
We're making audio games in 2 weeks. If you feel like you can make a game that's controlled exclusively using sound, no eyes required, then give it a shot! We're going from now, April 9th, until April 26th.
More info here:

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You can use Mastodon through an alternative web client if you prefer. One of the most popular is Pinafore, which is lightweight and FOSS.

The example website is at

The source code is at

Because it's free and open source, you can host the web client yourself if you want to.

Its creator has written an introductory post with more info about it:

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #FrontEnds

On programming being "easy" 

Programming *can* be rewarding, but it's not easy.
Programming is only easy as far as cooking is easy. If you like cooking, cooking is easy. But you quickly realize how difficult actually preparing a meal "at scale" is.
Honestly, you don't have to code. You don't even need to want to code. You're absolutely not missing out by not coding.
Building a shed for yourself can be a fun 3 weekends. Building sheds "professionally" not so much.
All I'm trying to say is don't worry about it. You don't need to code. Do something happier and more fun instead if you want to!

It's obviously still on you to make sure that it's not too loud and that you can still be understood clearly, but that goes with any kind of audio.

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I mean you are literally using a computer. A little bit of keyboard noise is just part of the experience.

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I actually enjoy hearing a bit of keyboard/mouse noise in videos of people demonstrating things or playing games. Obviously it shouldn't be overpowering but it gives it that little bit of authenticity and "human" feel whereas if you have a super aggressive audio filter it just sounds kinda dead and with no soul.

The No Video Jam 2 starts in 3 days and I'm actually kinda nervous

Or maybe it is and we just don't have the right ones. Still!

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I hate the sound of vacuum cleaners. Why isn't this a solved problem?

I feel like adding more features to this. A bot that communicates primarily through voice. Even better if I could do speech recognition but I don't want to use "the cloud" for this. I would want to run it locally on a server under my control.

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Not sure why Discord hasn't added a feature where tts announces who joins and leaves the channel and made me write a bot for it. Ah well. This is much better already.

Since Yahoo! Answers is going away, maybe we should remember some of the great times we've had on the platform. Moments like...

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Happy birthday @Mayana !! I hope a significant amount of your wishes find their way into reality! You're an incredible person, and I don't just say that because you help me run this instance! :dragon_heart: :dragon_happy:

Apparently some of Mark's data was included in the FB data leak. Mwahahaha... uh I mean oh no how terrible!

Maybe a Hetzner server with Wasabi storage? Not sure. Hmm.

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We need to move servers again sometime soon. Ugh. Don't want tooooo!

Is there a way to filter your timeline for audio posts? If not, there absolutely should be!

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