@talon Seconded! Being able to know just how clever, silly and/or cute the cats of Mastodon are is a luxury I'll never get used to. Fediverse is also the place that made me understand why some others love plants so much (because they really are beautiful, it turns out!), and that good memes do exist. :)
Keep it up, everyone. I know you think barely anyone will read those things, but Fedi is all about abandoning popularity and instead improving lives for a few, isn't it? :)

So I was trying to check the progress of my Macbook updating to Big Sur beta 7 with VoiceOver... and this happened.

I wanted to take this time to once again thank every single being on fedi that posts pictures, even mundane ones, with image descriptions. Thank you for describing your screenshot, your drawing, your selfie, your cat. Seriously. Thank you. I'm not sure if you realize how much that means to me.

I posted a thing about harmonizers a while ago and asked if I should turn it into a full song. Well, I did. Have a listen before I post it everywhere!

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Nothing like lying on the couch petting a cat while scrolling through fedi

In today's edition of things I'll probably never finish... I tried to make... uh... a happy hardcore bootleg remix of some kind?

I need to just stop remixing songs. Copyright scares me and I end up never posting them anywhere.

Oh... Um... Hi. Streaming was broken on this instance for literally a week. This... uh... this should now no longer be a problem... 😵

Time to create Fediktok - an endlessly scrolling fediverse looping video experience! Woooohoooo!

I like I like I like I like I like everything about you

That moment when you try to build a C++ project on Windows, give up a couple of hours in and use Mingw on WSL to still compile for Windows but in like 1 percent of the time. This, Microsoft, this is why nobody wants to develop on Windows.

Yeah I'm about to stop it. I don't think this is ever going to actually do anything.

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