Please, if you have a bot, make it post in unlisted rather than in public. There is so many bots posting in public now that the federated timeline is becoming unusable.
I don’t usually ask that, but can you boost this to spread awareness?

I love posting work in progress tracks on fedi. So here you go. Have another one! <3

"We'll send you a link to verify you're human". What? No seriously, what?

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So hCaptcha's "accessibility" mode means "Give us your email!". What the hell? No! :(

Reminder: When you do an accessibility toot, make sure to turn off notifications for boosts and favorites for a while.
It's amazing to know my posts are being shared, and please keep doing it, but boy are there a lot of notifications!
Especially when a meanie named @talon decides to boost and favorite everything he can in a row ... can you please boost a few of his posts too, as "punishment"? :P

Oh, right! Almost forgot.
If you have any questions, ask them, and I'll do my best.
If you are curious how a particular emoji or symbol is read, send it, and I'll tel you. I can check with eSpeak, which is the default TTS engine for NVDA, as well as Microsoft's voices and a few others.
And also: Thank you. Both for reading this far, and if it makes you change anything. 💙

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3. "Unusual" Symbols
Unusual is in quotation marks because, with us coming from all around the world, of course not everyone will use the same letters, and they are all equally valid. Hell, Slovenian has 3: č, š and ž.
There are also fancier characters, for when someone wants to look cooler by bending Unicode to their will.
Just keep in mind that screen readers are not well-equipped to deal with those sorts of characters. It also depends on the TTS engine and language; for example, English eSpeak reads all Chinese letters as "Chinese letter", which is not ideal.
More examples:
ὴ =Letter 1 F 7 4
ž =z hatchek, though many other TTS voices read it as just z, or not at all.
𝚊 =Letter 1 6 8 A
And so on.
So, while it is not a must, if you could use less of such characters in your nickname when possible, and CW posts consisting only of those, that would be great, too!

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2. Emojis
Emojis are a wonderful invention! They help us humans, emotional as we normally are, express those emotions in places where voice tone and facial expressions aren't available. Much better than trying to put those feelings into words, right?
Well, people using a screen reader (a software that allows people, primarily visually impaired ones, to read what is on the screen using text to speech) still hear those emojis as words.
For example, 😉 is read as "graphic Winking Face", with graphic of course explaining what kind of element it is.
And by default for most screen readers, each graphic is on its own line.
So, what this means is that if you put 3 emojis in your name, your name will be 4 lines long to us. I know some of you like having emojis in your name, but if you could at least limit them to <=3, that'd be lovely.
And if you put a clapping emoji after every word, they'll be on separate lines, too. So maybe don't do that either? 🤷‍♀️

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1. Images
Some people on the Fedi can't see your memes, doggos, flowers, art. That doesn't mean we wouldn't want to enjoy them.
There are also those who have to browse on data, and turned loading images off to save it. Those things eat up quite a bit of bandwidth!
And there are those who have trouble figuring out what they are looking at. Maybe because of the way their brain works, maybe because your image isn't clear to everyone.
You can help all of those by writing a caption for your image.
It doesn't need to be an essay. Even just a few words will do. Enough to explain the joke, or the cute pose your kitten is making. Don't worry about it; just write something!
If you have trouble remembering to do so, and would like a reminder, follow @PleaseCaption

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But before I start:
If you can't do these things, that's fine. It is not my intention to bash other disabilities. The ways our lives suck are different, but we still should get along. You all are, after all, awesome people!
And if you just don't feel like doing them, that's OK. We are used to it. :)

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Since @lrhodes just recently suggested that there should be a feature to hide inaccessible posts, and @gemlog reminded me today that folks might not even realize their names and toots might be hard for some people to read unless they are told, I guess it is my duty now to write another round of educational posts.
Hmm, this isn't really my area of expertise ... maybe I should just go find some old one and reboost?
Nah, let's do this.
In this thread, I'll list a couple suggestions for adjustments you can do to help out people who are , , or those who for other reasons use a . Boosts appreciated!

Your regular reminder that cross-posting from Twitter is the social media equivalent of having a loud phone conversation while ignoring the people in the room with you.

medication, fear 

It appears as though today's medical toot day. So because of circumstances and health things I don't want to go into too deep right now I've been presented with the possibility of being reliant on medication for the rest of my life. And that scares me. Like I seem to have a deep fear of needing medication to survive especially at a young age. So mad respect to those of you for whom this is already reality. How do you do it? Like it legit terrifies me

Also wtf has it really been that long already? That's insane. Still remember it like it happened yesterday

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And it's been like this for a good 2 ish years so my hopes of this discomfort ever going away are pretty slim. It's funny how we adapt though. It's gone from a thing I just can't stop thinking about to a thing that happens and I just kinda notice it sometimes when my mind isn't busy with other things

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What's worse than a foot falling asleep?

A foot with a lot of nerve damage falling asleep. Because now my body's all like "aaaaa help what is this how do I deal with it omg no too much"

You could seriously write books about the million unexpected ways PHP can fail you. About the days of productivity lost because it does something so mind twistingly dumb that you'd never think to check. Yes I have strong feelings for PHP. No, they're not all too positive. :(

Trying to use multiple Python versions because there's this huge diff between 3.7 and 3.8 apparently and honestly just no. Venv's broken, pyenv won't work either... Whyyyy

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