I wonder... do you get used to constant pain? When it’s nerve damage? How long does it take? Or is it just gonna suck all around? Do I even wanna know?

@talon I can tell you for a fact, that you do get used to it, you learn to live with it, to deal with it, and to work around it. The pain becomes your second shadow, the monkey on your back, your constant companion, the song in your bones that never ends. It twists your personality into shapes you wouldn't recognize, adds layers and depths to your ego that are entirely unexpected, changes your soul on an intrinsic level and sometimes, just sometimes, it turns you into a better person than you might have been without it.
@talon Not really it just sucks but you get used to it enough to live. In the same way you get used to allergies or a wart in a really inconvenient place.

>nerve damage

You've probably heard this thousands of times, but definitely give CBD a try. My girlfriend takes a 50/50 CBD/THC tincture for her neuropathy.

@r000t I've never actually been told that, but it seems like a thing I should look into. Until now I thought it was light enough to have a possibility of healing, but given it's nerve damage I proooobably should have known better.

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