Does anyone know what the general base lag is for bluetooth keyboards? I can't feel any at all, but if someone knows more about the spec than I do, I'd be curious to know.

@feonixrift The lag I do feel I'd say is in the 10-20ms range, but that's also a very broad guestimate. I'd love to know for sure. It's definitely not bad enough to not make me use it in a mobile setting though.

@talon so long as every letter goes through, I'm happy. I often type with my eyes closed or staring off into space and typo prune after a paragraph or so anyway.

@talon ipad software keyboard infuriated me because if I went slightly too fast it would drop letters.

@feonixrift I never had an iPad and don't think I ever will. I'm fine with my phone not having a keyboard for portability reasons, but anything bigger and I kinda want a keyboard.

@talon yeah i got a bluetooth for Christmas that i can hook to phone or boox.

@feonixrift I have a Logitech K380 and love the quick switch thing. Switch between phone, laptop and work laptop. Works really, really well.

@feonixrift Yeah, I'm kind of the same. There are some periferals that I do want as quick as possible, most of them midi related, but if I have a 10 MS input lag with my keyboard I'm fine as long as I'm not gaming or whatever. But even then it's mostly fine.

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