There's some light thunder going on here and since I think it's rather relaxing I thought I'd share.

That said, for some reason, this H2N has some light static in the background that disappears for a few seconds every once in a while, then comes back, while using the internal microphones. That... is very unfortunate.

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@talon This so nice!
My place has just trains and cars and construction to listen to 😦

@talon That's very beautiful, thank you. :)
If you're a fan of distant thunder, you might like this:

@Mayana I love MyNoise. Also you're welcome :) I was thinking of setting up an account only for random recordings like that.

@talon Might not be a bad idea. I'd definitely check it out.
I'd still be spending more time on MyNoise, though. Because man, all those sliders!

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