Here's the takeoff of a 787 recorded using the stereo mics of an iPhone XR from one of my flights last year.

Sorry about the constant blips. I did not have headphones connected at the time and thought I had it turned down far enough to be inaudible. They're actually a neat accessibility feature in the iOS camera that tells you if you're leveled or holding the phone at an angle, guiding you to take better photos even if you can't see what you're doing.

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Well, I say photos, but it also applies to videos. It also tells you if faces are in shot, and you can even use the on-device image recognition to get a quick description of what the camera's looking at.

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@talon That's amazing! Thank you for telling us all about this feature.

@feonixrift the image recognition is really an epic feature. Especially the latest iOS beta made it so much more useful. It's not super descriptive, you get things like "Table, outdoor, person, plant, laptop", but even that is more than enough to figure out roughly what's going on. And that's in any control on iOS that's classified as an image. It even takes unlabeled, inaccessible controls and applies image recognition and OCR to try to label it as much as possible in apps and websites.

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