Nothing like learning a programming language by writing a text based survival game

@talon Brilliant! What’s the language, and what’s the theme? :)

@mtorpey Am learning .NET core by writing a text based survival game that's a mix of Fara and The Long Dark. The basic idea is you crashlanded your private plane in the wilderness and have to slowly build up shelter. Make fires to keep warm, craft weapons to defend yourself against wildlife, craft utensils to make food, etc. All controlled in a terminal window using only text. Not sure how far I'll go with it since it's a learning project. Either I'll be captivated by it and keep working on it, or I won't and I'll stop as soon as I feel like I've picked up enough of the language and runtime to move on. But right now I'm having fun with it!

@talon Brilliant! A real project is always the best way to learn a language, and this sounds like a really fun one.

I hope you quit at just the right moment! I have a habit of either giving up on projects too soon or forcing myself to carry them on too long.

@mtorpey yup. I have the same problem. :( I have alot of projects that are sitting at 90 percent completed that I just can't get myself to finish. Someone told me though that if this happens, maybe the project itself wasn't what I was after, and that I'd already gotten what I wanted out of it. Which is fair but still disappointing.

@talon It's hard to know, isn't it! Sometimes you just need to push yourself to do that last 10% and it's a really valuable experience. But other times, you have to realise when a project's not worth it and stop feeling guilty.

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