Hey! We're running a game jam on Itch that focuses on making an audio game. Audio games are games that are played completely by ear and don't have eyes as a minimum requirement! I'd absolutely love for you to join and give it a try!
And if you know someone that might find this interesting, maybe tell them? <3
We start on April 9th, and submissions close on April 26th.
More info here:

The no video jam 2 is live!
We're making audio games in 2 weeks. If you feel like you can make a game that's controlled exclusively using sound, no eyes required, then give it a shot! We're going from now, April 9th, until April 26th.
More info here:

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@talon ohhh i love the idea and often wished there were interesting games i could play eyes closed

i will definitely check out those games if not participate myself

@Claire There's actually quite a few audiogames out there already; they've been a thing for a while. You can find a whle database of them on, and me and @talon, as well as the people on the forum, would be happy to help you find things you'll enjoy.

@talon Very neat! I've often wondered about audio games but didn't know anything about actual ones.

@clifstan There are actually a few of them out there already. I suppose the most expansive list would be at I've also already made a few of them and I also registered where, eventually, I want to collect all the info about making an audiogame, what works and what doesn't tend to work well, audio demos and such. But I haven't gotten around to it yet.

@talon I'm looking through and it seems like a bit of a needle-in-a-haystack hunt to find one that I can play on a Mac that's free. (I can easily view by license type, but to figure out if it works on a Mac, I have to click through to the individual game listing, and it seems like it almost never does.)

Any suggestions?

@clifstan yeah sadly there aren't many for mac. I've made a game that runs on the web using the webaudio API. It's Cyclepath. It's one of those arcade avoiding things kind of racing game. There is also the audio game manager which should help you install windows audio games on mac, but I haven't tested it.

@talon Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll check them out!

@clifstan Ah. This one, the great toy robbery, works too. It's quite an easy game so it should be pretty easy to get started.

@clifstan Ah. One last post. Here's a side scroller audio game that should work on mac:

@talon great idea! I hope I find the time to join the game jam.

It's crazy how many audio games actually already exist. There are even racing games, as a friend once told me! I only know "Sound of Magic", a German audio fantasy adventure game for mobile devices (Android and iOS). It's really fun to play and very well made.

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