My GPD Win II broke earlier this year, and I can't use the new ones. I'm tempted to grab a Steam Deck though.
Also... Really Valve? Steam Deck?

@talon Why can't you use the new oGPD Wins? No longer accessible somehow? Something else?

@Mayana People who love their devices to be thin thin thiiiin! Or something. Honestly, I'm not even sure. No matter which way you look at it, it's a horrible decision.

@Mayana To be fair, the Steam Deck doesn't seem to have a keyboard at all, but at that point it's easy enough to use the on-screen windows keyboard which is accessible.

@talon Ugh. Fuck those. The point of buying something like that for gaming is that it'd have a decent keyboard, is it not? Do you really want to use the on-screen keyboard for the keymashing games? How would that even work?

@Mayana By using something like JoyToKey. I avoided the keyboard on the previous GPD's as much as possible as well.

@talon Well in that case what's even the point? Just the portability?

@Mayana yes. I was able to play with the GPD on trains and airplanes, for example. It was amazing. Or even just while lying in bed or on the couch.

@talon You can do lying in bed or on the couch with a laptop, as well. For trains, I guess a tablet with Windows installed on it. I guess I can sort of see the point though.

@Mayana yes but lying in bed or on the couch with a laptop vs. a small device you can completely hold in your hands...

@talon Well didn't you say you'd be playing with a joystick anyway?

@Mayana I would be playing with a joystick because the device comes with all the controls built into the device itself.

@Mayana for a laptop, you'd probably want something like a lap desk if it has fans, because fans and blankets... nopenopenope.

@talon I've been meaning to get one. but haven't gotten around for it. For now, I improvise with a couple boxes. It's decent.

@Mayana do you want the cracked one or the one with cat claw marks on it :ms_stick_out_tongue: I haven't been too terribly nice to them.

@talon The one with cat claw marks! I can assure you ours would add many more anyway. I'm hardly better at being nice to things.

@Mayana but then I'd be left with the cracked one! Although I did give you the choice... :P

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