You know, I feel like we should normalize capturing a few seconds of audio with pictures. People are quick to take a photo of something beautiful but have you ever stopped to listen? Maybe you'll hear something beautiful too. And then you can record it and share it with the world. And then we can all listen to it too.
No? Just me? Hmm.


Sorry, am going to talk about Apple here, but Apple has this thing called live photos. I have no idea how they work, I'm just gonna guess it's a small bit of video, but if I tap and hold on a live photo, I also get a small snippet of audio with the picture/movie. And I always thought that was cool!

Maybe that's possible with non-Apple stuff too?
I guess it should be?
Might be time to dive then, if I have that time... :drgn_think__w_: :plush_dragon_w_calculator:

@storydragon I think the main problem is that taking pictures is made easy. Taking video is made easy. But recording audio isn't. And even if it was, I think most people just don't mind too much. I wasn't really trying to change anyone's opinions on the matter either. Just an idle thought.

@talon I love exchanging little audio snippets. also apple, but I appreciate how easy it is in iMessage now to send a quick audio note or recording, which enables easy sharing of audio tidbits with frenz. Wish audio snippets could be shared on mastodon easily… I’d go wild. :dragon_headphones:

@snap Well in theory you can! The share media thing does accept audio! But most clients don't make it easy.

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