So there's a way to get the Steam app to play nice with screen readers.

Go to your desktop and highlight your Steam icon. Open your applications menu, go to properties and add -gamepadui to the end of the string. Make sure there's a space between the quote marker and the dash or it won't work.

You might have to login again, but this throws the app into a beta of the Steam Deck UI which fuck me sideways is very NVDA friendly. There's some bugs here and there, but this is lightyears better than what we had to deal with before.

Highly suggest this method of using Steam. Soooooo much better. Works best with a controller.

Like this is usable good, more than just useable, this is decently manageable.

Please Valve, if you ever read my toot, please keep going with this!

@LavenderPawprints some things like the controller configuration seem to have switched to this mode by default. And I am so happy because it means I can finally actually use my steam deck properly aaaaa

@talon @LavenderPawprints Wait really? A screen reader works with the steam deck now? Oh, you're using Windows on it?

@devinprater @LavenderPawprints yup using windows on it for now. I do still hope they add an actual screen reader to SteamOS as well.

@talon @devinprater I wouldn't hold your breath sadly.

We're talking about a service that has been an accessibility blackhole for years.

This was meant to be used on the steamdeck and is only a beta feature for windows now. I seriously doubt they even thought about accessibility when they made it.


@LavenderPawprints @devinprater I actually think this mode isn't meant for the deck either. It uses a completely different, very inaccessible UI that isn't based on web views. We shall see but you're right. Not holding out any hope.

@talon @LavenderPawprints @devinprater hang on, how can it be inaccessible? you just said the gamepad mode works well with nvda. Now, I really wonder, does it work as well on linux? if it does, well, me estimates me will have lots of fun with some games.

@bgtlover @LavenderPawprints @devinprater well there are still some things that don't read. Also, I've only tested on Windows. I have absolutely no clue what this will do on either Linux, or even just the SteamOS distribution.

@bgtlover @LavenderPawprints @devinprater also, well may possibly be a bit of an overstatement. There are still some things that do not read properly for sure.

@talon Hey I have a question, can the possible choices for polls be increased to more than 4? Currently I can't add more than 4 on this instance, I have seen more choices once so I know it should be possible.

@bgtlover @talon @devinprater Gamepad works brilliently with nvda. Haven't trialed it with Linux though.

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