Describe! Your! Media!
Describe! Your! Media!
Say it with me!
Describe! Your! Media!

here is some more info, in case you cannot describe your media.
If you need some help captioning your media, you can tag @imagecaptionspls for help.
If your instance federates with them, follow @alt_text to get a friendly reminder in case you forget to caption your media.
If there are bots on other instances that I might not know, reply to this thread and I'll add the information!

Some more information! If you're using the default web client and you'd like to know if the post you're about to boost has image captions at a glance, your instance admin might be able to help with this by adding a little bit of custom CSS, which will display a red border around any undescribed media! Here is an example for this CSS:

@LavenderPawprints not at all. Just trying to get the whole fedi to happily chant for accessibility for a minute.

@talon @imagecaptionspls @alt_text There's also the community hashtags #Alt4Me to request descriptions and #Alt4You to see descriptions others create. I subscribed to the Alt For You hashtag and am loving the new images that are popping up!

@blindscribe Question: am I allowed to do an Alt4You on undescribed images that don’t have an Alt4Me?

@talon but i can't you blind people are asking for way too much you know even though the box is right there. /j

@TheQuinbox @talon ok, so. Does this mean we should do our bit, and try and describe audio-only media for those hard of hearing? Definitely seems like a good thing to me. Also, this then leads to the question, how does one describe music?

@arfy @TheQuinbox I do try my best to do this, yeah. I think there are some examples in my profile, if you check the media tab.

@talon @TheQuinbox media tab? Is this a web/Pinafore only thing? I’m not sure if twedsecake can access this.

@arfy @TheQuinbox I don't know if it can, I never used it. Every other mastodon client, when you click on a profile, has a posts tab, a posts and replies tab, and a media tab.

@talon Describe! Your! Media! Use! Alt! Text! If, you, don't, we will, be, vexed!

Per @talon, and for everyone on our instance:

Describe! Your! Media!

Describe! Your! Media!
Describe! Your! Media!
Describe! Your! Media!

Let's all repeat it in threefold!

And now for the druids on here, I'll repeat it in Ogham.

᚛ᚇᚓᚄᚉᚏᚔᚁᚓ! ᚔᚑᚒᚏ! ᚋᚓᚇᚔᚐ!᚜

And now in Elder Futhark, for all ancient northern people on here.

ᛞᛖᛊᚲᚱᛁᛒᛖ! ᛁᛟᚢᚱ! ᛗᛖᛞᛁᚨ!

Describe! Your! Videos!
Describe! Your! Images!
Describe! Your! Audio!


And special writing systems, like Futhark and Ogham, should be, at least, announced too. I hope I did that good enough.

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