Poor animal crossing... you didn't deserve the wrath of my boredom. Also if the whole of 2022 is going to be like this then I'm so, so sorry in advance. :dragon_crysmile:

Happy new year. I woke up this morning, opened the laptop, and found this still open from last night. Must have made this at some point during the new year "celebration". Don't remember actually doing it, but it sounds cute, so hey why not.

So JUCE is getting accessibility and the Surge XT synth already implements some of it! Let's throw it into Logic Pro and see what we can do!

Got some new software instruments last night! Or, more specifically, a new software guitar. And I still don't know what I'm doing halp

Brutal Bass Drop 

In today's edition of very loud wtf are you doing, I turned a tiny, unassuming pew pew laser noise into... these aggressive bass noises.

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This is the sound of one cat enjoying herself very much.

As much as I prefer Reaper over Logic, I do have to say that I kinda missed it. It's just such a different flow, such a different way of working... it's super easy to lose yourself in all the samples and synths that just come bundled with it and then you end up with something that could maybe fit right in the Cyberpunk soundtrack if it was, you know, a full song and not just a loop.

I love posting work in progress tracks on fedi. So here you go. Have another one! <3

Hardstyle/hardcore, very loud 

I was challenged to make hardstyle or hardcore. I had a vocal, and exactly 8 minutes to do it. How did it turn out? How far did I get? Did I maybe softclip it a bit much? Yes? Yes. I believe I did. I was struggling for time! :P

So I was trying to check the progress of my Macbook updating to Big Sur beta 7 with VoiceOver... and this happened.

I posted a thing about harmonizers a while ago and asked if I should turn it into a full song. Well, I did. Have a listen before I post it everywhere!

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In today's edition of things I'll probably never finish... I tried to make... uh... a happy hardcore bootleg remix of some kind?

Here's the takeoff of a 787 recorded using the stereo mics of an iPhone XR from one of my flights last year.

Brutal Bass Drop 

Since people seemed to like this, I continued a little bit. Now, all I need is a suitably dark intro, breakdown, outro and I guess some last polish.

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There's some light thunder going on here and since I think it's rather relaxing I thought I'd share.

Brutal Bass Drop 

I tried to make some trapstep. Frequency shifters are fun!

My god I love harmonizers so, so much. Probably my favorite vocal effect ever. Found this vocal sample in Genesis Pro and asdfjlk it sounds soooo goooood through a harmonizer

What do I do while waiting for things at work?
What, you didn't expect me to try to make metal using only synths and no guitars?
Not even real drums? Synthesized drums? Eeeeep!

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