Hardstyle/hardcore, very loud 

I was challenged to make hardstyle or hardcore. I had a vocal, and exactly 8 minutes to do it. How did it turn out? How far did I get? Did I maybe softclip it a bit much? Yes? Yes. I believe I did. I was struggling for time! :P

So I was trying to check the progress of my Macbook updating to Big Sur beta 7 with VoiceOver... and this happened.

I posted a thing about harmonizers a while ago and asked if I should turn it into a full song. Well, I did. Have a listen before I post it everywhere!

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In today's edition of things I'll probably never finish... I tried to make... uh... a happy hardcore bootleg remix of some kind?

Here's the takeoff of a 787 recorded using the stereo mics of an iPhone XR from one of my flights last year.

Brutal Bass Drop 

Since people seemed to like this, I continued a little bit. Now, all I need is a suitably dark intro, breakdown, outro and I guess some last polish.

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There's some light thunder going on here and since I think it's rather relaxing I thought I'd share.

Brutal Bass Drop 

I tried to make some trapstep. Frequency shifters are fun!

My god I love harmonizers so, so much. Probably my favorite vocal effect ever. Found this vocal sample in Genesis Pro and asdfjlk it sounds soooo goooood through a harmonizer

What do I do while waiting for things at work?
What, you didn't expect me to try to make metal using only synths and no guitars?
Not even real drums? Synthesized drums? Eeeeep!

Hey, want some more unfinished music? I really do want to finish this one eventually but I lost a lot of plugins I used to make this...

Have a happy little synth doodle! I was considering streaming music production as someone that has no sight...and building synths like these from scratch without being able to see the UI of the synths at all. Would anyone be interested? Or maybe code? Or...whatever?

I feel like sharing something so here's yet another unfinished song. Maybe I'll finish it, maybe I won't, but seeing as it's been sitting around for almost 2 years the answer is...probably not. :P

Just testing things. Here, have the sound of an x-ray machine as recorded from my watch earlier this year.

Heyyy <3 want to help me out with lyrics and vocals on a song? Here's the work-in-progress. If it inspires you and you have lyric ideas and want to sing or know someone that does just let me know and we can figure it out! I'd be honored to work with someone from the fediverse! If not, that's totally fine, too.

Just got all my Native Instruments stuff in the mail today. My internet is slow so downloading the gigs and gigs of Komplete 12 is going to take ages, but here's a little thing I made with Massive because it finished downloading first!

Let's try an audio upload with one of the hundreds of never-to-be-finished projects in my music ideas folder... :P

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