@meena I do wonder how arm processors would do at those tasks but yeah it'll likely be a battery hog more than anything. I almost admire that you can get away with more or less just a phone. Computers can be so tethering and big.

@meena Fair enough, would be difficult to run that then :P

@a7 maybe thinking about it that way would also make it less confusing for me to reason about. I mainly bought the desktop for music production because that takes a ton of resources that I can't offload but I like changing my scenery every once in a while when I do more tech focused things

@a7 I mostly use my desktop for everything, one laptop for the road and one to kinda mess around with. I'm super unorganized :/

Just curious. Do you use a laptop or desktop as your daily driver?

I always wonder what makes us like certain songs? How can I listen to hundreds of different ones and think "Oh yeah, this is good", "Ah that's nice", but then there's that one where you go "Oh my fucking god yes yes yes" and after you analyze it you're like "Huh this is hardly different from the other ones" yet you like it like 200 percent more?

@Shrigglepuss @error_1202 Well once I got it working it works really well! The experience still feels more polished on Windows sadly which is why I find myself coming back to it for high productivity work, but I'm forcing myself to use it exclusively for a longer while so I can actually come up with more constructive criticism.

@error_1202 @Shrigglepuss Yeah, it doesn't like a lot of Desktops. The best combination to get Orca to work well is Mate Desktop, and sadly there are a lot of complicated parts to keep up to date to make sure you get the best experience. It's not as smooth sailing as I'd like, but there have been massive improvements to the whole thing over the last few years so I have lots of hope.

@Shrigglepuss @error_1202 NVDA is a life saver. Highly scriptable for those that know how, there are lots of addons that the community develops to try to make your life easier, and it's open source and free. If anything ever happens to that Supernova license or it starts being out-of-date and they want you to pay up, I might consider it. Windows also kind of includes a screen reader that's more or less usable, so there are options. But I totally get it.

@jookia @pitermach especially when the legal people start knocking and requesting all the data. Gag order, all your logs are with them now, and I don't think it's end-to-end encrypted? That would mean that we're right back at square one, or am I wrong?

@jookia Browsing history, push notifications, all of those assign you a unique ID that can be used to track you unless you explicitly disable it afaik.

@jookia @pitermach But when have legal agreements ever stopped anyone... :(

@error_1202 @Shrigglepuss Oh gods, Supernova. I personally use NVDA (open source) on Windows and Orca (open source) on Linux. But even then it's still very frustrating. I absolutely feel that pain, especially because I work as a programmer and I work on software that's almost completely inaccessible. :( :( :( and my vision is pretty much completely useless for reading anything so I can't even escape it.

@ELR @0x07 what a mess. But this clearly still shows my main point. In order to be private and secure with Firefox you still need user mods, according to them.

@ELR @0x07 fair enough. The main point wasn’t about brave though. I can see why people are polarized. But how come people love Mozilla and chant their privacy songs when their default isn’t even private?

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