I've been playing around with Zig and it made me wonder why you would ever want to metaprogram in a language that isn't the language you're metaprogramming in? It's all just zig, even with compile time executed code. Meanwhile you've got like a million different ways to macro in Rust, and C++ is C++. As awesome as Rust macros are, I don't find them particularly readable. If I have a large-ish macro with an error somewhere, I usually just rewrite it because it's quicker than untangling it. But I never find myself wanting to do that in Zig because I'm not context switching to a different macro-specific language, and especially not depending on what I'm macroing. Am I the only one that feels this way? I mean... Don't the lisps and schemes already do this too and have found out again and again and again that this is a good idea?

That feeling when the Microsoft docs have more info about a MacOS API than Apple's developer docs do.

@Mayana @KAOS Absolutely. I don't think we need a policy for it yet. I think that translation tools are good enough to generally understand what conversation is about and we're small enough that it's a non-issue. At least for me.

Game accessibility, barriers, and representation 

So to be clear, I don't begrudge anyone their successes, and I'm glad that games like Blind Drive and The Vale have brought audio-only games into gaming zeitgeist, as it were.

But I wish more games for blind people were made by blind people. I won't knock anyone for liking bop it-style combat or story-heavy games. I like those too, sometimes.

I write fast-paced, strategic, tactical, arcade-style games because I like those elements, and because I don't think many audio games handle those well. That isn't all I'll ever do, but some of those are sorely missing from these masses of Blind Legends or Blind Quests with comparatively amazing reach and production values.

So why can't I, a blind person, get the funding to design the kind of game I want to play that The Vale and others got for their game? Can we please stop treating blind people as if we all want this same left/right/center action + narrative experience?

@storydragon @Mayana I'm sure there are peertube instances that you could use. Maybe see on joinpeertube.org?
Also, if you compress video, you should be able to set video and audio codec settings separately, depending on what's more important. I agree though, 8MB seems rather small for a video...

@Mayana @storydragon if the image is too big, try compressing it some. If your video is bigger than 8MB, either try compressing it, or upload it on a video sharing site. While in theory I could increase the limit by editing the code, this might cause problems with federation where the video might not be available on other instances. That and the more files, the more I pay for storage. :ms_wink:

Hi @restless_coffee and welcome to the instance! :western_dragon:
Take a look around and feel right at home. If you have any questions, just ask.

Accessibility rant 

@secretlySamantha No worries. I mean you're right. It would help with testability and usability both. It's an excuse for sure, especially for well established GUI frameworks and libraries.

Accessibility rant 

@secretlySamantha I understand both sides to a degree. Accessibility API's and accessibility in general can be difficult to wrap your head around, especially if they provide no benefit to you as the developer. Even as someone that needs them I'm still regularly confused by how it all works, especially in a cross platform manner. Luckily I was made aware of accesskit.dev which hopes to solve this problem and I really hope people will pick it up.
Still, the fact that web tech based apps are usually more accessible than "native" apps is somewhat disappointing.

Accessibility rant 

@talon Good stuff here. Just wanted to put this on your radar: accesskit.dev Very early days, but Matt is aiming to wrap all the platform-specific accessibility APIs, including Android and HTML via auto-generating a parallel element tree, in a single API that UI toolkits can work with. Exciting stuff.

@pvagner @Mayana ah yeah, the intro text should have said that you need to press space to go past the intro. That's my bad. I'm working on cleaning up the code some so I can fix all these problems.

Accessibility rant 

iOS has this exact thing using artificial intelligence and while that's awesome in about 75 percent of cases it still fails to do its job properly. It helps getting around quirks, but I haven't found an app that was completely inaccessible that suddenly worked flawlessly. Don't get me wrong, I'm very much happy that it exists and it's super helpful. But there's just no way it will replace any other traditional accessibility in the state it's now.
I was never able to explore screenshots for example, but now I can. I can even look at memes and most of the time, the image explorer does a pretty good job. But translating UI's like that just... doesn't work yet. Or maybe ever.

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Accessibility rant 

A lot of people usually comment things like: "It should be the screen readers responsibility to figure out what's on screen. Do some OCR and image recognition and whatever and boom!"
Think about it. That won't work. Not only are there many different fonts that OCR just simply cannot read, but also things like interacting with those controls present a major hurtle at that point. Is it a checkbox, a button, or a button checkbox hybrid? Is it a slider? Is this a fancy button or a turnable knob? What about scrolling text?
Is this syntax highlighting or spelling errors or both? Or does it just mean I selected something? What about if I use another app? We can infer what things mean from context, but can OCR and image recognition? Does it know this is a code editor or a text editor? What if it's Emacs and it's literally everything?
This is why accessibility API's exist. There's a lot of context that would be lost if there was just OCR and image recognition.

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Accessibility rant 

It's sad that at this point I'm almost happy to see Electron apps simply because it means that the chance it'll be at least somewhat accessible are just so much higher.
So many new UI frameworks coming out, none of which are accessible. More and more "native" apps just... don't work anymore.
Also... I guess native means something else to me than it does to most UI devs. I wouldn't call drawing directly to the screen a native UI. Sure it might be nice and comfy and allow for beautiful coding patterns like stateless UI composition but that stuff's useless if I can't use it. Please keep this in mind when developing your latest and greatest native app using the latest and greatest new immediate mode GUI framework. Not a single one of them will be accessible. And if you're a dev working on one, please think of us.

@pvagner @Mayana Yup, it's at cyclepath.iamtalon.me
Not entirely sure where the link went, I knew I had it on the website at some point. Ugh. :ms_laughing:

@Mayana @pixouls at the rate we expand our data creation, new servers will spring up regardless. We should stop data mining/harvesting. Save the data that's actually important rather than the data that we hope might be important at some point hopefully maybe perhaps.

@pixouls @Mayana What I'm worried about is the fact that even if we all delete our emails, the servers will still be there. If they're not used for storing emails, they'll just be allocated elsewhere. Like the wonderful waste of space that is big data.

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