@feonixrift That's fine. It's OK to make mistakes or not know. I'd happily talk it through and make someone aware that it's important and help fix the broken. Because usually it's really not hard :) and a lot do actually listen.

@feonixrift For the most part it's not that hard. Use standard controls as much as you possibly can and that gets you about 75% there already I would say. Of course it also kind of depends on the platform you use and the program you're making.

@feonixrift It's still surprising how many developers seem to either be ignorant or really just don't know about accessibility. Although I guess it really does have to be ignorance because I didn't think it was possible to be a developer for years and never hear about it. I dunno. Meh, Patchwork sucks.

@feonixrift wow their accessibility on Patchwork is awful. Yeah I think that ends my explorations. :(

@feonixrift Also, you kinda can't really use one account on multiple devices. And that's a major problem imho.

@feonixrift I actually managed to connect to a few random people but it's a very, very dead place it seems.

@feonixrift Also, using keys to identify users is neat and all, but with mastodon/pleroma/fediverse in general I can give some kind of handle that I can actually remember for others to find me by. Try doing that with Scuttlebutt...

@feonixrift Hmm, so far that didn't happen to me. I'm just trying to connect to all the public pubs they list on their website. No idea if I'm doing this right though. And that's exactly my problem.

@feonixrift I mean I can't say I'm not confused either. I don't actually know what's going on or if it's working correctly. And bloat how? From it downloading literally all the info from the pubs you connect to to your computer?

Scuttlebutt seems really nice, but I have a feeling that for it to become popular it has to be less convoluted and confusing for the potential end-user who's not a technical genius. It makes sense to those of us who deal with this stuff often, but I'm pretty sure I'd have the hardest time trying to explain it to my mom for example.

@Mayana yeah, I get that. I won't finish it though, so that's alright :) just thought I might share it in case someone does and it doesn't just die somewhere deep in a backup somewhere when I switch hard drives.

@lain which has been amazing for a while now for people like me who rely on lots of assistive tech that, at least for the moment, works better on Windows. IO is pretty slow but WSL 2 kind of improves that. Hope it becomes stable soonish

I feel like sharing something so here's yet another unfinished song. Maybe I'll finish it, maybe I won't, but seeing as it's been sitting around for almost 2 years the answer is...probably not. :P

Not sure who needs to hear this but NordVPN is bad people and you shouldn't be using them. Selling of customer data, using Oxylabs, it's all around pretty bad news. It's not worth it. Yes, sorry, it's Medium. (Something else you shouldn't be using btw!) news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

@bulkington I'm not looking at it from an attackers side. I'm developing a web app and looking into ways to handle authentication and authorization both for the web frontend and the API, which are separate things.

I guess I'll use Redis for session management instead of JWT then.

Or just don't use stateless tokens at all and make that extra call to verify a token after the request is made?

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