Since it'll be a miracle if Valve ever decides to add accessibility to Steamdeck/SteamOS, I'm really happy that we finally got audio drivers for Windows. Time to really test the thing!
Yes, even disabled people play games, thank you very much. Why wouldn't we?

@UnicornQueen1 You can! Go here:
Under the public timelines heading, there is a section called "filter languages". There you can select all the languages you want to see. By default nothing is checked, which will show everything. Just check English in that list and click save. Then you'll only see English posts.

@Mayana @siem that is absolutely something I'd say. I even wanted to set up write freely! Meh.

That Silly Lewd Number 

@Mayana this is still crazy to me. I set up the instance in 2018 because I really just wanted to try this thing out, and then I just kept it going because it didn't really cost me anything.
4 years later we moved servers twice, and went from a handful of users to this number. Even if most are inactive or lurking. 22.9k posts. Just crazy. And I never even really advertised that this instance exists!

Requirement of profile pics. 

@shortwavesurfer2009 @bluespacedragon Mine is a dragon! least I hope it is.

deno thoughts 

@codl I appreciate the symmetry though. Now I can use fetch api in the browser or in a deno app without crawling through npm hell and wondering what scary thing will jump out at me next. I guess it makes a little bit more sense if you think of Deno as more than just a server runtime. Like if you were to write a command line tool in it maybe. And of course libraries are more portable. The whole node/js madness was quite extreme at times so even simple things like this are at least somewhat of a breath of fresh air I think.

Ukraine, Krieg, Deutsche Bahn, schwarzer Humor 

@KAOS haha das klingt ja nach business as usual. War letzte Woche wegen der Arbeit unterwegs. Das erste mal Zug fahren nach Monaten zuhause. Und direkt der erste Zug > 80 Minuten Verspätung. Manche Dinge ändern sich nie 😂

@rynne We're glad to have you! Hope you enjoy your stay here for a long time to come!

@Seirdy @bluespacedragon @Mayana @shortwavesurfer2009 @marcozehe Oh wow. Edbrowse. I haven't heard that name in a long, long while. Does that still get updates?

@sirlan_ff00ff My problem with all these UI libs is that they're not accessible. If they draw directly to the screen, bypassing the native system, you can be 90 percent sure it won't work for screen readers. Sadly, Electron apps are ahead of all these other UI libs in that regard. If I see an Electron app I can be pretty confident I'll at least be able to use the thing somewhat. If it's using some obscure UI library, I usually don't even bother because I just know it won't work. QT took forever to get it at least somewhat right, Swing and whatever still don't really do it well, and literally all of these libs written in Rust don't work at all. So if you're trying to make an app, and you want your app to be accessible, you'll very, very quickly run into problems.

@shortwavesurfer2009 yes. I should give that a shot shouldn't I? Let's see if I can make it work.

@Mayana @Tehiverse no I agree. Please don't share personally identifiable information of people without consent. Please remove their last names at least.

@sirlan_ff00ff you have too much disk space and dunno what to do with it.

I want to stream more. I don't want to work. Meh. Was a lot of fun!

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@weirdwriter No, no tutorials for it sadly. But it's not too hard to use on Windows. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

@Mayana @bluespacedragon Just tried, and mine also no longer works. I wonder if this has anything to do with screen reader being enabled. I launch it and it immediately says not responding. Well if that's not annoying...

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