@quad yeah, that makes sense. Most of the games I run do not need much power to run well, so for now, the win 2 is fine. But with how much power the win 3 packs, I'm pretty sure a lot of people that dismissed it before might give them a try. It's still kind of crazy to think about what they managed to do with the thing. So much power in such a small device.

@quad yeah the first GPD Win was painful to use. My laptop died and I was forced to use it as my main computing device for a couple of weeks and I do not miss those days at all. I was quite surprised by the performance of the M3 in the Win 2 though. It wasn't great, but a lot better than the win 1 and better than my expectations. I'd love to try the win 3 but given the keyboard issue I'd not want to buy one.

@quad right. On such a small screen, using the on screen keyboard would definitely be less than ideal, even if it would work. I know that it has haptic when you press keys, so I thought that it could have a mode where it vibrated as you slide your finger over the different keys, and only pressed them once you lift your finger. That would already make it better than just pressing the key as you put your finger down. But I doubt they'd implement that for such a small amount of users.

@quad haha. Welcome to the GPD owner's club. I find mine very hard to put down so be careful! :P

@quad right. I also sent them an email so I'm curious to see what they say. I can't be the only person that really doesn't like the touch keyboard.

@quad no no. My eyes no work. The photo does show up. I just can't see it. That's why I'm so sad about the touch keyboard, after all. :)

@quad sorry, can't see the photo. :(
I suppose it's a similar size as the Win 2?

@quad right, that was my thoughts as well. I thought the GPD Win 3 would be a more powerful version of the GPD Win 2, or at least, not quite as big as the GPD Win Max. And it's definitely a niche device. I personally love mine, but it's absolutely a nice to have, not a must have. I used to commute a lot (4 hours+/day via train) and it was pretty much perfect for that. Same for travelling overseas on a plane, or even just not being home but not wanting to take a laptop.

@quad the old win 2 had a keyboard also, but there you had actual buttons. I was really looking forward to the new one... but I guess from that generation onwards I'll not buy them anymore. Such a shame. I still use the win 2 daily and once that goes poof I'll not be able to replace it with the up to date version. :( I was a big fan of those products but now I'm forced out. A part of my mind thinks this was inevitable but still. I'm a bit upset.

@quad I'm really sad with the GPD Win 3. I have the Win 2 and love it, it's epic, but the keyboard on the new thing is totally inaccessible to someone that can't see the damn thing. I was very, very frustrated when I found that out. Also... it just sounds like a horrible idea even for the games that require you to press the occasional key. Just... no. Don't do that anymore. :(

Ah yes, those first few days back at work after weeks of vacation. Many fun!

@qorg11 sadly it's always like that. Everything can be abused for bad. But at least for me, the benefits far outweigh the risks. :)

@qorg11 the camera in my smartphone allows me to live much more independently than I otherwise would as a blind person. OCR, image recognition, calling someone that actually has working eyes, just to name a few. I'm incredibly grateful. The same goes for location services like GPS, which might be another controversial thingie in ones phone, but has helped me very significantly while getting around independently. This would definitely not be possible without all this tech, even if I see the downsides. But for me it opened up almost the entire world. I would not want to ever go back.

@Gargron @debugninja not only that, but most modern browsers actually allow you to use modern javascript features even without transpiling. It's definitely nowhere near as bad as it used to be.

@rune @kravietz @n0btc it's a naive stance to have, sure. But I would trust signal more than Facebook to run less user hostile software.

@rune @kravietz @n0btc right but saying that the code available on their repo is not the one they run is speculation. They might. If they don't then of course that's an issue, but what I meant with my comment was that so far I don't have a clear reason to believe that they don't. Of course it would be better to have a system in place that does not need this kind of trust.

@kravietz @n0btc I do hope that eventually we will all use a defederated messaging service, whether that's Matrix, XMPP or some derivative. I definitely appreciate the work Matrix/Element are doing to allow fully peer to peer messaging, but the tech needs to be enticing and easy enough to use for it to be a no brainer for non tech interested people to also adopt it. That, or preferably, people properly inform themselves about privacy and security and can come to their own conclusions... but sadly that's not how it works. :( ease of use and convenience are top criteria for the moment so the best way to tackle the problem is to make privacy and security just as, if not more, convenient in my possibly biased and definitely unprofessional opinion. I personally think Matrix is easy to use, but for some reason a lot of people do not seem to share that opinion yet.

@kravietz @n0btc yes. We can't verify whether or not that code is the code that runs. Given the recent outage and no activity on the repo since April 2020, I can see why people might be skeptical whether or not that is actually the code that runs in production. That said, I'd still rather people use Signal than WhatsApp. I agree that Signal isn't the most ideal, but I see it as the lesser evil, and so far I have no reason to believe that Signal is inherently evil either.

@n0btc The server for Signal is indeed open source. It's on their GitHub. What it doesn't do, however, is federation. So if you set up one yourself, you will have to recompile and republish the apps to work with your particular server. There are forks (I think?) that enable federation, but you cannot use them with the official Signal apps.

@n0btc @Mayana well, if OVH pulled the plug, we'd also be down. Same for Namecheap. So 2 companies could essentially kill this instance. I have backups, but they would be of no use if I would not have access to the domain.

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