Hey, want some more unfinished music? I really do want to finish this one eventually but I lost a lot of plugins I used to make this...

Wish there was one single day at work where I didn’t go “ok I’m really confused now”.

@erion @jookia About Gitea? The most annoying thing is probably the mouseover menu things. Like the menu taht pops up the "New Repository" link, etc. God that's so, so, so annoying. Focus it, it opens, but then when you focus one of those links or accidentally move off of them it immediately goes away again.

Link to music <3 

You know you’re on a German train when you get asked if you want cold beer at a quarter to nine in the morning

Someone tried to connect to my MUD via their browser and because of how character creation works right now, that kind of worked so there's now a player standing in Crossed Candles Inn with the user name "GET / HTTP/1.1"

In 1998, a programmer who had been working on Y2K fixes started to get anxious because he couldn't believe how pervasive the problem was. He switched from company to company trying to get away from it, but everywhere he went he became regarded as the Y2K expert and immediately became the team lead for that company's Y2K contingencies. He finally had a nervous breakdown, quit his job, and decided he wanted to be knocked unconscious when the Y2K actually came about.

A month before Y2K he was put into an artificial coma and cooled down to a near cryogenic easily sustained long term life support.

Unfortunately the life support notification system had a Y2K bug, and no one revived him for 8000 years.

Finally he was found and revived. He woke up, and saw himself surrounded by lots of glass, light, stainless steel, and tall beautiful people in white robes. He asked if he was in Heaven.

They replied, "No, this is Chicago. Actually but it's a lot like Heaven to someone like you."

"Someone like me?"

"You are from the 20th century. Many of the problems that existed in your lifetime have been solved for thousands of years. There is no hunger and no disease. There is no scarcity, or strife between races and creeds."

"What year is it now?"

"Yeah, about that - it's the year 9,998. You see, the year 10,000 is coming up, and we understand you know something called COBOL?"

@kura Yeah, sorry, I do mean water resistant. I could probably also get a case that would do the trick, but I've already gotten so used to just putting on an audiobook or a video playlist that's long enough so I don't have to touch the phone at all. And yeah I could probably sue, but I don't really want to spend that money and time if I don't really have to. It's always such a drag

@kura yeah that works too. I just don't trust myself not to drop my phone into water. And by extension for the waterproof claim to be correct.

@kura I prefer a bath + audiobook over shower any day! :P

@quad yes. Without a mic preamp to get all the beautiful floor crackle hiss squeak as you boost your way into oblivion

@quad With enough compression most mics can be made to sound just like a typical radio broadcast :D

Have a happy little synth doodle! I was considering streaming music production as someone that has no sight...and building synths like these from scratch without being able to see the UI of the synths at all. Would anyone be interested? Or maybe code? Or...whatever?

@hummingrain I’ve also been thinking about dnd podcasting but somehow I have a feeling that I attract too much chaos. XD

@hummingrain or embrace it and call the podcast “your character fucking dies”

Weird how some things remain in your memory as if they happened yesterday, and others disappear as soon as you stop thinking about them. The most random stuff, too. Things where you think...why...why did I remember this so clearly?

Relationship, new year 

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