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Wow... So many tracks I started in Logic that I completely forgot about since Apple was like OK screw accessibility we worked so hard on in the previous releases. Time to export all those stems and touch them up and post them somewhere!

OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD they do! Discord seems to work! Aaaahaha this is amazing

Oooo, Linux accessibility is available in Brave beta channel. Wonder if Electron apps respect the --force-renderer-accessibility switch? This is looking more and more promising! These are exciting times for linux accessibility!

Oh jesus nooo YOuTube don't make the list of recommended videos an aria live region! Who even thought that was a good idea! It's so far from a good idea that I'm actually baffled.

I wonder... do you get used to constant pain? When it’s nerve damage? How long does it take? Or is it just gonna suck all around? Do I even wanna know?

So I’ve gone from
“This will heal within a few months”
“This will heal within two years”
“This won’t heal at all. Sorry bud”.
Fuck. Why does life have to be like that 😔

👋 Helpful Reminders 👋

👁️‍🗨️ You can add image descriptions! This looks a bit different if you use any of the mobile apps, but in the standard mastodon web interface you just click a textbox on top of the image preview. If you can, adding image descriptions is very helpful to people with visual impairments. Even something as short as "dog" is a lot more than nothing!

👔 This is also where you can find the image crop tool, so you can do them both at the same time!

Instead of working I could be playing SequenceStorm right now. Or work on a game. But no such luck. Sad

See and now I wanted to record it but it's keeping quiet. It doesn't wanna be recorded. I have a shy computer.

Also maybe I’m weird but I love the little bubbles the water cooling emits when I push the system to its limits.

That moment you do a UEFI/bios update and you suddenly can’t hear your computer anymore because for some reason fan control was broken and ahhhhh the quietness is sooo good

Oh my god! Brave more or less works accessibly on Linux! So Chromium is getting there. Maybe Electron apps are next? Squeeeee this makes me happy.

I know that most people on here already don't, but I'd feel really bad not making people aware in any way I can. This is truly awful and needs to stop.

Another day, another time that Facebook admits to stealing all your data, even supposed encryption in WhatsApp is worth nothing if they download your chats in an unencrypted fashion back to their servers. Stop using their shit. Please! There are alternatives. Get rid of it. Everything. They'll never learn if people don't make them. Please don't use Instagram, don't use WhatsApp, don't use Facebook. It's much worse for you than you might want to imagine.

Just threw Linux at the best hardware I have and wow. All the speed complaints I had with assistive tech seem to have mostly resolved itself. Now if only Electron/Chromium apps were accessible... HOpefully a not too far fetched dream?

Heyyy <3 want to help me out with lyrics and vocals on a song? Here's the work-in-progress. If it inspires you and you have lyric ideas and want to sing or know someone that does just let me know and we can figure it out! I'd be honored to work with someone from the fediverse! If not, that's totally fine, too.

Life is too weird sometimes. Strange patterns. Things you can't explain. Unsure what to do with it all.

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