@coding heya, thanks for the follow :) cool to see you're doing LaunchSchool, I gave a talk there a few years ago if I recall correctly :)

looking into on a local scale and it's honestly disheartening how few and far between job vacancies appear to be. Most are centered in the bigger cities and while that is understandable, its more of a 95% rather than the 60% you see for positions. It's probably a matter of having the right connections up to a point, I need more local friends :P

That makes sense. I tend to ask, and I tend to find it rather silly if one hangs onto local-first in the middle of a pandemic, but I don't give the peeps who are hiring shit for not yielding to my demands, as an consultant I know VERY well the conflict that is "I'd love to, but the person who pays me says no"

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For any blind folks interested, I just got recruited to do a survey for blind iPhone or Samsung users. There is an $80 Amazon gift card as compensation. Figured I’d drop it here.


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"If we accepted audiobooks as real books, we'd have to accept podcast consumption as reading, too! And oral traditions!"

Yes. And?

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Does anyone here have Nebula or Curiosity Stream?

Is it worth it? what do you watch?


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For one last time, this isn't twitter you don't have to censor stuff like th*s

All you are doing is making mines and other folks lives hell who depend on filters, Jesus christ. Try to type words out fully if you can.

Thanks. No this isn't up for debate.

lol my fledgling voice assistant is foiled by the NPR cookie banner. Let's see if we can figure out a way around this

Working on a Python-powered voice assistant, primarily for github porfolio but it's fun to see how a project like this can come together :)

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A somewhat detailed and mostly positive review of the #MacBook Air -- probably my daily driver now.

https://rusingh.com/not-very-pro-apple-hello-air/ #moa #apple #macos

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Did You Know: Bluetooth is named after the 10th century Norwegian king Harald Bluetooth, who was also not able to reliably connect to audio devices wirelessly.

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Reading a book is like re-writing it for yourself. You bring to a novel, anything you read, all your experience of the world. You bring your history and you read it in your own terms. - Angela Carter

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Discord status messages have given me an idea for a new "social network", where's there's no posts, feeds or history. You can just see a status message and maybe an emotion of the people you follow. Maybe optional music platform integration, as well as just specifying an album or whatever you're listening to this week.

Thoughts? I feel like it's the opposite of doomscrolling, it's just a way to see how people are doing and maybe learn something new about your friends.

Youtube video on installing KaliLinux, an #infoSec-focused #linux distribution without sight and using a #screenreader 

So ...I made a thing.
I've been leveling up on mostly through TryHackMe this year and been looking into how doable it is for a user. Answer so far is that it's way more doable than most people think, but the entry threshold can be a little high. I aim to lower that threshold next year by making some instructionals, of which this is the first.
Installing is a bit messy with a screen reader currently, and this video takes you through how people who depend on an experience go about getting it installed on a virtual machine
The audio is a smidge low, I'm still learning the Youtube thing, be gentle :)

Somewhat descriptive opinion of a teacher about Microsoft Teams 

From an article on arsTechnica about a new project-based curriculum for Engineering students. Made me chuckle.
"In the end, the first half of the semester ended up based on Microsoft Teams. Teams is Sharepoint in a suit and bowtie that hides the missing arm, broken knee, and brain damage. The students' portfolios were basically folders with permissions manually set to restrict access. Channels were used to store relevant learning material, exercises, and project information. No one, not even the teachers, knew where to find anything."

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